Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Award: Premio Symbelmine

This award was received from the Blog: Pandora Creations ... Thank You Girl!!!!!!!!!

This award has the following rules and suggestions:

1. Choose blogs or websites that for quality, their affinity or have any reason to establish a link you wish to reinforce and reward with a "forget-me-not" in the post and link writing.

2. Write a post showing the award, citing the name of your blog or website that gives you and notify your elected a comment. If possible the source of the award.

3. Award display in your blog (optional)

Pass this award to:
1. Chingip, for sharing your beautiful talent with us, leaving all your love that creates in each kit. You're a wonderful woman. Thanks for your friendship.

2. Grammy Art, for sharing your incredible talent with us. Your creations are unique and I'm your fan # 1.
Many blessings for your life.
Thanks !!!!!!!!!

3. Jamie Scraps Dell, for sharing your beautiful talent with us. You are a very talented and your kits are wonderful
Thanks !!!!!!!!!

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